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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Priya Deelchand – Living life by design and not by default

Most of us often come across a moment in our life when we feel we have lost our direction or things we want turn to be not at all what we really wanted.
It is difficult in today hustle and bustle world to remain passionate about our life, especially when we find that we are so busy working and taking care of responsibilities that we have no time left at the end of the day for ourselves. After a while we may begin to wonder why we even bother getting up in the morning.

That is where life Success Strategies Consultants comes in: It offers life coaching, which is a powerful way to jump start our passion again and explore what it is in life that excites us. The answers are hiding inside us and a life coach can  guide us to finding those answers.

Priya Deelchand, creator and director of Success Strategies Consultants Ltd believes that we can and we must all become directors of our lives instead of being mere spectators. Why ‘Success Strategies’? “In fact, I chose the name Success Strategies because all our courses and coaching sessions are intended to make people succeed in their personal and professional lives. There is no specific definition of success as success can mean different things to different individuals. For some people success can mean having lots of money, whereas for another person, success can mean having a very happy and fulfilled life,” she replies.

You might be an executive or the owner of a successful small business looking to find balance between the demands of work and the needs of your family. Perhaps you are a musician, a writer, or an artist looking for a creative breakthrough, or a doctoral candidate looking for the perfect thesis. Maybe it is simply that you want your already great relationship to be spectacular. 

You might even be a twenty-something techno whiz entrepreneur with a brilliant idea for a product or service that will change the world forever. Life coaching is for anyone. “Life coaching is for any of us who wants to get back on track in any area of life, be it career, relationship issues, financial matters or well-being. We all have problems and we all want to eliminate these problems and live happier and more fulfilled lives. Life coaching has all the tools at hand to help anyone achieve their goal,” she articulates.

Before establishing Strategies Consultants Ltd in May 2009, Priya Deelchand worked in the financial sector for almost 10 years as Fund Manager in most of the large Asset Management companies in Mauritius. But she left the financial sector to follow her passion to empower people and help them unlock their unlimited potential. 

“In 2008, when the financial crisis started, work became very hectic and as I was always interested in personal development, I decided to do a course in personal development to better manage myself and cope with the stressful situation at work. While surfing on the Internet, I came across a coaching course in USA offered by the Law of Attraction Centre and I enrolled for the course.  It was about how to live your life by design by attracting what you wanted in different areas of your life. The course was very interesting and I started understanding myself better.”

While doing the course, Priya had to coach other people in order to become a certified coach and she had to coach a group of 20 Americans, aged between 50 and 55 years, who had lost their jobs following the financial crisis. “The financial crisis was a blessing in disguise for them. Now, with coaching, they had a chance to live their lives by design and no longer by default. Many of them started their own businesses and after coaching them for around 6 months, I saw that these people were living happier and more fulfilled lives than before,” she reminisces.

In 2009, after becoming a Certified Coach, she quit her job as Fund Manager and got into coaching. Many people categorised her as “mad” for leaving a secure and highly paid job to do something that was unknown to people in Mauritius in 2009. 

She created Success Strategies Consultants Ltd immediately after and started doing Life and Business coaching. She ran workshops for individuals who wanted to metamorphose their lives for the best. Priya shares that these people started experiencing positive and life changing results and they referred their friends and colleagues to her. 

In 2010, Success Strategies Consultants Ltd became MQA registered Training Institution and started offering tailor-made courses and coaching sessions to managers and employees of many big companies in Mauritius. 

Today, Success Strategies Consultants Ltd offers several workshops in many big companies in Mauritius on leadership, peak performance, emotional intelligence, success principles, self-esteem, changing mindset, positive mental attitude, and motivation, with the aim helping CEOs, managers, executives and employees across all industries make better decisions, improve organisational productivity and achieve personal growth and fulfilment. 

Priya also conducts one to one coaching sessions with individual clients to help them remove their emotional blocks, become more confident, unlock their potentials and achieve their goals. She believes that we are all unique and have unlimited talents but we are not aware of them. 

Through her coaching, management skills and experience, she makes a positive difference in the professional and personal lives of people. Her main objective today is to guide corporate and individual clients towards a better and more harmonious way of living by making full use of their hidden potentials. 

We shall part ways with a piece of wisdom. “I firmly believe that in life, nothing is impossible and whatever we want to do, we all can. We just have to take the appropriate actions to start living the lives of our dreams,” says Priya, oozing an unparalleled, but convincing dose of optimism.

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