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Monday, June 25, 2012

It's so nice to feel good when you do the right thing!

An Indian, visiting his white neighbors,
asked for a little tobacco to smoke, and
one of them, having some loose in his pocket,
gave him a handful.

The day following, the Indian came back,
inquiring for the donor, saying he had found
a quarter of a dollar among the tobacco.

Being told, that as it was given him, he
might as well keep it, he answered, pointing
to his breast,

"I got a good man and a bad man here, and
the good man say, "That it is not mine, I must
return it to the owner";

The bad man say, "Why, he gave it you, and
it is your own now".

The good man say, "That not right, the tobacco
is yours, not the money";

the bad man say, "Never mind, you got it, go
buy some rhum".

The good man say, "No, no, you must not do so".

So I don't know what to do; and I think to go
to sleep: but the good man and the bad kept
talking all night, and trouble me;

and now I bring the money back I feel good."

From "Anecdotes for the young", Daniel Smith, 1850

It's so nice to feel good when you do the right

Posted by Priya Deelchand

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