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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Make the Most of Where You Are! (posted by Priya Deelchand)

My dearest friends,

Hope you are all doing great.

Here is a poem that I would like to share with you. The author is unknown.

Wherever you are, be there fully. 
For where you are is where you can most effectively act and live. 

If you're constantly wishing that you were somewhere else, you diminish the opportunities for where you are now. 
When your thoughts are in another place or time, your actions lose much of their effectiveness. 

It's great to dream, to plan, to aspire, to reach for new and improved circumstances. 
And yet the way to successfully do that is by being the best you can be in the place where you now find yourself. 

It's great to keep yourself focused on an ambitious goal. 
And that focus is the most effective when it is crafted from the perspective of where you are now. 

To successfully travel the path from here to there, you must start with being fully here. 
The more you give your attention and energy to making the most of where you are, the more quickly you'll move along that path. 

There is much to be accomplished, much to be lived in every place and in every moment. 
Be there fully for all of them, and life will be rich indeed. 

So dearest friends, make the most of your day!

Much Love,

Posted by Priya Deelchand 

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  1. Happiness I belive we have as children and it is trained out of us by well meaning others....I won't mind if you delete my post...I am hoping and praying that others will join us in this worthwhile endeavor...children cannot learn as well when they are traumatized in school. Hitting a child in my opinion is just a bad action. It demeans both people involved and I could go on four hours about the physiological consequences.

    Hope you and your readers will look at this link it is an opportunity for a call to action.

    Thank you for all the uplifting work that you do, you will never truly know how much it is needed when I am reading this type of material everyday! Thank you!