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Sunday, September 26, 2010

There is always a solution (Posted by Priya Deelchand)

    Wishing to encourage her young son's progress on the piano, 
  a mother took her boy to a Paderewski concert. 
    After they were seated, the mother spotted a friend in the 
  audience and walked down the aisle to greet her. Seizing the 
  opportunity to explore the wonders of the concert hall, the 
  little boy rose and eventually explored his way through a door 
  marked "NO ADMITTANCE." 
    When the houselights dimmed and the concert was about to begin, 
  the mother returned to her seat and discovered that the child was 
  missing. Suddenly, the curtains parted and spotlights focused on 
  the impressive Steinway on stage. 
    In horror, the mother saw her little boy sitting at the keyboard, 
  innocently picking out "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star."
    At that moment, the great piano master made his entrance, quickly 
  moved to the piano, and whispered in the boy's ear, "Don't quit. 
  Keep playing." Then leaning over, Paderewski reached down with 
  his left hand and began filling in a bass part. Soon his right arm 
  reached around to the other side of the child and he added a 
  running obbligato. 
    Together, the old master and the young novice transformed a 
  frightening situation into a wonderfully creative experience. 
  And the audience was mesmerized. 
    Whatever our situation in life and history--however outrageous, 
  however desperate, DON'T QUIT. There is always a solution.
  You have the power to transform any problem into a way to
  mesmerize your audience...

- Author unknown -
Posted by Priya Deelchand

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